A key responsibility of the management team, is to provide an environment where their people can develop and grow.

The programmes below outline nine modules. Any skill enhancement tuition must cater for established needs and careful attention is given to this point. Content from all modules can be combined with others, ensuring your team have a relevant and valuable learning experience.

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Planning For Salespeople

It has been said that a goal without a plan is a dream!

Your team will learn an easy to understand planning process and will leave the session with a meaningful plan, which is relevant to them.

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Creating Opportunities

Listings lead market share. The harsh, yet true reality is, a salesperson without listings, is unemployed!

Your team will learn where to look for new listings, allowing them to focus on outcome, rather than output!

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Strategic Listing

The absolute key to listing is understanding the difference between the prospective client's immediate and ultimate desired outcomes.

Your team will learn how to have prospects like and trust them.

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Client Enhanced Marketing

The client benefits by enhancing the profile of their property with additional marketing.

Your team will learn how to discuss enhanced marketing in a way that clearly explains the benefits to the client and how to build the campaign with their input.

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Auction Listing

Some salespeople find the auction process a bit daunting.

Once your team learns the benefits to their client and how to discuss this effective method of sale, they will be able to confidently offer auction as a first option, rather than a last resort.

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Working With Purchasers

Your team will learn how to find the opportunities and engage with prospective buyers as they begin working with people responding to your marketing.

Effective open home follow up is vital to maximise the return from your marketing.

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Overcoming Objections

When faced with an objection, it is easy for salespeople to find themselves justifying their position, with the prospect leading the conversation.

Your people will learn how to avoid getting objections in the first place, and valuable techniques to overcoming them should they arise.

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Closing the Price Gap

The ability to effectively convey market feedback to clients and negotiate strongly on their behalf, are vital skills every salesperson must have.

Your team will learn these skills, which are absolutely essential to achieving a great result for their clients.

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Powerful Dialogues

Knowing the right questions to ask and having the right responses is critical.

The Powerful Dialogues Programme gives your team great word power, to help them succeed in commonly faced competitive or difficult situations salespeople often struggle with.

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